The Peruvian desert is undoubtedly one of the most enigmatic and impressive in the region.

Our years of experience and check travel through its territory has provided us with many fond memories and provided us new surprises at every visit. Share with us driving over the dunes and the desert.

Parte de nuestro recorrido será la visita a las Islas Ballestas, un increíble refugio de vida silvestre marina protegido por el gobierno peruano, como el desierto mismo. También se incluye en este campamento de aventura en el desierto frente a las playas de Paracas y al final del vuelo sobre las famosas Líneas de Nazca.

Impossible not to enjoy an adventure like this.

Day1 Departure from Lima. Visit Pachacamac Sanctuary and Archaeological museum. Lunch. Arrival in Paracas. Night at hotel.
Day 2: Breakfast. Boat ride to Ballestas Islands. Back to Paracas and drive crossing the desert to our camp site. 150 km. Dinner and barbecue dinner. Night at tents.
Day 3: Breakfast. Drive crossing the Nasca desert. 140 km. Lunch. Overnight at hotel in Nasca.
Day 4: Fly over the Nazca Lines. Lunch and return to Lima. 450 km. Transfer to hotel. End of services.

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    The southern circuit of Peru is by far the most visited by locals and visitors and therefore, the most congested of travelers from all over the world. This itinerary will take you out of the “gringo trail” to a more personal and closer to reality one; the extraordinary cities of Arequipa, Cusco and Puno and the most interesting points from their departure from Lima until their return almost 2 weeks later.

    But not only do we plan to visit the Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca and of course Machu Picchu, the famous Nazca Lines, the desert of Ica and Paracas, the inter-Andean valleys between the coast and the mountains, rural experiences in the islands of Titicaca, the sacred valley of the Incas and many others.

    Really a different route and in the most authentic way of all, in direct contact with people and with nature.

    Day1 Departure from Lima. Visit Pachacámac Sanctuary and Site Museum. Lunch. Arrival to Paracas. Night at hotel.
    Day 2: Breakfast. Boat ride to Ballestas Islands. Drive crossing through the desert. 100 km Barbecue dinner and camping.
    Day 3: Breakfast. Drive crossing to Nasca. 150 km lunch. Free afternoon. Night at hotel.
    Day 4: Overflight Nazca Lines. Driving to Camaná. 390 km Night at hotel.
    Day 5: Breakfast and departure to Cabanaconde. 250 km Land.
    Day 6: Driving and visit the Colca Canyon. Cruz del Condor viewpoint. Chivay lunch. Visit Salinas Reserve and Aguada Blanca. Driving to Arequipa. 220 km Night at hotel
    Day 7: Arequipa city tour. Lunch and driving to Puno. 314 km. Night at hotel.
    Day 8: Visit to islands of Uros and Amantani. Night in a rural hotel.
    Day 9: Visit to Amantani, Taquile and Puno. Night at hotel.
    Day 10: Driving to Cusco. Visit Raqchi on the way. 390 km Night at hotel.
    Day 11: Cusco city tour. Lunch. Driving to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. 56 km. Night at hotel at the valley.
    Day 12: Visit and tour by train to Machu Picchu.. Night at Valle Hotel.
    Day 13: Driving to Challhuanca on the way to Ica. 321 km Night at hotel.
    Day 14: Breakfast. Driving to Ica. 495 km. Night at hotel.
    Day 15: Visit of the wine and Pisco Vineyards, tour of sand buggies in Huacachina. Lunch. Driving to Lima. 296 km. Arrival to Lima and end of services.

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    Our tour will take you to visit the highest snow mountain chain of Peru, with dozens of peaks higher than 6,000 m.a.s.l. We´ll visit Chavín Archaeological Site; and pyramids of over 1500 years old. We will go over a mountain pass at near 5,000 m.a.s.l.,We will visit turquoise and emerald-green lakes. Then, return to Lima along the coastal desert, though not before visiting the newly discovered and still under exploration Caral Citadel, of over 5,000 years old. Ancient culture and unparalleled magic mountains.

    Cultura antigua y montañas mágicas sin igual.

    Day1 Pick up from hotel, driving 446 km. approx. to Chavín, overnight in Chavín.
    Day 2: Visit to Chavín de Huántar, lunch and driving to Chacas (125 km journey approx.).Overnight.
    Day 3: Mountainous pass Punta Olimpica (4765 m.a.s.l.), visit to Yungay Cemetery and Llanganuco Lake. Arrival in Caraz. (116 km journey).
    Day 4:Breakfast and return journey to Parón Lake. Box lunch at lake. (65 km journey).
    Day 5: Departure from Caraz to “Del Pato” Canyon, lunch in Chimbote and tour to Pan de Azúcar Beach, where we will put up a tent.
    Day 6: Visit to Caral Citadel. Lunch at Huacho or Huaral. Arrival at hotel in Lima. (240 km journey). End of services.

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    Northern Peru is the cultural hidden jewel of our country. The Mochica, Chimú and Chachapoyas cultures are the highest expression of the pre-Inca northern culture; and their citadels, which ruled the fertile coastal valleys and green highlands in the upper Amazon more than a thousand years ago, are still preserved to date. But the North is not only culture but adventure and nature. On our tour, apart from the museums and archaeological sites, we will also visit its beaches, desert areas on the coast, and when we get to the mountains, we will be welcomed by the Amazon cloud forest around Kuélap and enjoy the view of one of the highest waterfalls in the world: Gocta. We will spend a night at its base. In Cajamarca we will visit the place where the Inca Empire was put to an end and experience the same hot springs that the Incas enjoyed nearly 500 years earlier. A matchless adventure from the sunny beaches up to the wooded hills; combining culture and adventurer spirit.

    Day1 Flight to Trujillo (1h35m), transfer to hotel. Free afternoon.
    Day 2: Visita a Huaca Del Sol, Kuélap y Ciudadela Chan Chán. Almuerzo en Huanchaco y alojamiento.
    Day 3: Visit to Huaca Del Sol, Kuélap and Chan Chán Citadel. Lunch in Huanchaco and overnight.
    Day 4: Visit to Royal Tombs of Sipán Lord Museum. Tour to Chaparrí Ecological Reserve and Porcón Farm on the way. Arrival in Cajamarca. (270-km. journey.)
    Day 5: Visit to Ransom Room and Baños Del Inca. Lunch. Driving to hotel (Kuélap). 260 km. journey.
    Day 6: Visit and hike to Kuélap (Optional: Horseback riding). Lunch. Driving to Cocachimba. Gocta Lodge or similar. 130 km. journey.
    Day 7: Breakfast. Hike to Gocta. Camp, grill and overnight. (Optional: Hotel in Cocachimba)
    Day 8: Return to Cocachimba and drive to Tucume. Lunch en route. Night at Los Horcones de Túcume Guesthouse.
    Day 9: Visit to Túcume Pyramids. Drive to Chiclayo airport. Flight to Lima. Assistance in Lima. End of services.

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    On this tour we will climb up gradually from the coast through the central highlands of Lima to eventually descend into the Amazon jungle. The area we will visit is known as the "jungle between mountains" or "high forest" as being among hills and elevations of over 2,000 m.a.s.l., the climate is surprisingly Amazonian since the flat jungle is just a few miles down. The small towns Pozuzo and Oxapampa are the most visited by lovers of Peruvian off road, who seek large unexplored areas and muddy roads in these locations of permanent rain.

    Finally, on the way back to Lima we will climb the Andes mountains and camp in a protected stone forest at little more than 4,000 m.a.s.l. to change of scenery before coming back to the Peruvian coast.

    Day1 Departure from Lima to Cañete Valley. Overnight in rural accommodation in Laraos. Tour of 305 km. Paved road.
    Day 2: Breakfast. Drive and visit to Huancaya and Vilca cascades. Lunch box. Drive towards Carretera Central and Tarma. Trip of 201 km. Soil and asphalt.
    Day 3: Descent from Tarma to Pozuzo. Lunch. Free afternoon and overnight. Journey of 230 km. Soil.
    Day 4: Drive to Lake Junín National Reserve. Lunch. Tour to Huallay National Sanctuary. Camp. Journey of 201 km. Soil.
    Day 5: Drive to Cordillera de la Viuda. Lunch at Canta or Obrajillo. Arrival in Lima, Faraona Hotel or similar. Tour end.

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